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    Markup Services

    Easily Convert Graphics into Fully Functional Websites with Markup Services

    Markup services is offered by Dotline Infotech as a way to convert graphic designs into functioning websites. With this type of service, you will find that we can convert all types of files like PNG, JPEG, PSD and others, to XHTML, which is needed to fully function on the web. Essentially, using these services is like implementing CSS/XHTML into third party CMS, blogs, shopping carts and more. With this type of service you will find:

    Hand written code that is pixel perfect
    You will find that cross browsing in all major browsers is a seamless process
    You will always get SEO friendly HTML coding

    You Can Manipulate an HTML Document with This Service
    Markup services are perfect when you need to manipulate the contents of an HTML file and the conversion is extremely high quality. You will find a variety of extensions as well as different themes and skin for different search engines. These languages are designs for processing, defining and presenting text easily.

    Our Offerings

    PSD to WordPress
    WordPress is considered as one of the most sought after program for website that has social media elements.

    PSD to Joomla
    Joomla software, which is the prime choice of PHP developers, has multiple modules and components that help create a website with super good functionality.

    PSD to Drupal
    Drupal with its robust features has acquired a secured position for itself in today’s competitive market.

    PSD to Magento
    Magento is widely used by millions of online merchants to supersede their ecommerce businesses.

    PSD to XHTML
    PSD to XHTML conversions is one of the crucial and important elements of the website designing.

    PSD to Email
    Email marketing is a well-known technique to maintain client relationship which helps you stay in touch with your customers.