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    Open Source Integration

    Manage and Control Your Website Content with Open Source Integration

    When you use open source integration on your web browser, you will quickly and easily be able to manage and even control your website content. Some of the features of this service include:

    • A Content Management System (CMS) that will give you the ability to publish information pages, dynamic multimedia, imagery and downloadable files.
    • A CMS system will allow a client to easily add and update their own website content, even if they have no knowledge of programming languages.
    • Anyone can use and maintain a website that utilises CMS. You don’t need any web design, web development or programming knowledge.

    A Unique Application that will Make your Life Easier

    When you use open source integration, you will find that it is an extremely unique application that can bring many benefits. You will find that open source CMS can help with text, audio, images and video. It is extremely easy to work with the content on your site and we are confident that you will appreciate these services.