Consider that you have a shopping cart wherein a guest involves (or does not involve) in purchases, and then simply leaves. You do not even know when the check out is being made. This is not at all a good thing for your business. Guest checkout is imperative and here are some solid reasons to let you know why.

Time, time, precious time

Many buyers are wary of registration because they consider it synonymous to signing up for marketing spam and such other stuff. There is no problem in telling them that registration makes repeat shopping hassle-free, as they do not need to fill in the billing and shipping address again and again.

Time is probably the prime reason why customers love a guest checkout and do not consider it as spam. Customers who are game for value creation through time saving would be more prone to choose the guest checkout process.

Moreover, opting for the guest checkout process decreases the loading time, which is again very significant for customers who genuinely want to buy.

Safety does matter

As buyers advance towards the checkout process, retailers usually come up with three ways of completion of the purchase. The first is to use the email address and password previously generated for logging in. Secondly, checkout can be done without registration. The final route is that buyers would opt for registration and then checkout.

It goes without saying that the majority of shoppers would go for checkout without registration, because they feel safe when information is not shared. Buyers know that if they opt for guest checkout, retailer or other third parties for that matter would not be annoying them.

Decreased abandonment, more business

When the option of guest checkout exists in the shopping cart, creating an account is not necessary. This very aspect of not requiring creation of an account brings down the rate of abandonment. Many a time, people are reluctant to share information and feel themselves secure when they use guest checkout. Again with guest checkouts, customers or prospects who are in a hurry probably would not abandon shopping carts.

A Britain based beauty and fashion online store,, succeeded in bringing down its rate of abandonment by around 50% at the page for registration. This was achieved simply through removal of any prompt for creation of an account.

Shorter purchase procedure

Freedom of choice is important and you must give it to your visitors. It is your visitors who should decide whether or not to go for registration. Making registration mandatory might lead to poor business since many would hesitate at the idea of sharing private information with a site, especially one which is unfamiliar. Moreover, at times, filling monotonous forms leads to frustration and the end result is abandonment.

You can always shorten the buying process by allowing your visitor or shopper to complete the transaction as a guest, which will ultimately lead to what you want, that is, a higher conversion rate. Baymard statistics revealed that 24% of ecommerce clients opted for shopping cart abandonment, when registration was made mandatory for purchase. Keep this in mind as you hire a shopping cart development company in India.