Get ready to face the reality!! Yes HTML5 is the talk of the hour in the entire device-centric world. Time is not far away when it would make a clean sweep in the app development domain. Ok, so before the hard core XHTML users jump into the battlefield with their arguments of non compatibility of HTML5 in the popular IE, let’s see how the pros of HTML5 dominates its cons.

The web world is flooding with the articles stating the use of HTML5. There are numerous articles highlighting the use of HTML5 by the cyber world giants like ADOBE and APPLE in their recent APP development projects. But there still lies a thin air of mysticism surrounding HTML5 making the developers hesitant in choosing it as a platform. This article attempts to eradicate all the confusions and explain in clear terms the reason why HTML5 is a great choice in app development.

Below are the major reasons behind the success of HTML5 in application developing world:

  • User-friendliness: All of the latest components of HTML5 aim at making the documentation more accessible for users. HTML5 provides tags like <header><footer><nav><section> to customize the documentation in a user-friendly manner. Tags like <div> can differentiate between content to be placed in header part or body part just by its ID or class name. Hence by the usage of HTML5 special tags, the semantics of your web page documentation becomes more legible. Another important feature added by W3Consortium is ARIA. ARIA accomplishes the task of assigning roles to elements of HTML document like header, footer with the help of role attributes. This feature was absent in the earlier version of the same.
  • Audio-video tags: Yes you read it right. The brand new <audio><video> tag is brought to you by our own HTML5. Instead of using the lengthy coding inside the <embed> and <object> tags to include any audio video content in your HTML webpage, you can simply make use of the <audio><video> tags which are devoid of any complicated coding. HTML5 treats these tags like <img> tag providing the attributes of width, height side by side. Getting it straight, your code would look like: <video src=”url” width=”640px” height=”380px” autoplay/>
  • Inclusion of DOCTYPE tag: Use the simplified <! DOCTYPE html> tag instead of clumsy and lengthy version of the earlier code for the same. This feature excels in compatibility with all the browsers.
  • Clean and precise code: HTML5 helps in making coding neat and clean. With the introduction of semantics, we can clearly define different sections of the document in easy-to-understand language. The tags like <header><footer><nav><section><aside> helps in naming the different segments of the coding which results in organized implementation of CSS on the various segments.
  • Local Storage: If you are looking for developing apps without the usage of third-party plugins, HTML5 is your answer. In case your app demands storing the user’s data along with the prior application state of your app, then by using the all new local storage feature of HTML5, you can easily accomplish your task. The local storage feature lays mid way of cookies and client side database. It dominates over cookies by providing the specialized feature of storing across various windows. Additionally, it allows storage of data in user’s browser even after it is closed, thus improving security and performance. It also contains the facility of client side database, so deletion of cookies by users will produce no sound effect.
  • Interactive Interface: When the whole game is about increasing the dynamic nature of the website and continually updating it with the user entered information, just take a ride of the interactive interface presented by HTML5. For instance, by the usage of HTML5 featured <canvas> tag, explore all the interactive and animated potential. There is a bundle of APIs which comes under the package of HTML5 which would help in enhancing the dynamism of webpage. Offline storage database, Document editing, efficient browser management, Drag and drop feature, are some of them.
  • Gaming apps: With the inclusion of <canvas> tags, HTML presents a very user friendly environment for gaming app development.
  • Cross-Browser Support: HTML5 brings you the opportunity of building cross-platform and cross-browser supporting apps. The components added by HTML5 are well supported by every known browser.

These are the topmost reasons behind the assured success of HTML5 in the app development world. So if you are into the app development field, it is better if you get acquainted with quick and easy-to-understand HTML5 because the main point is that HTML5 is soon going to conquer the app development world.