If you want detailed reports regarding your website visits, then Google Analytics is the best option. This popularly utilized website statistics solution can effectively provide different valuable insight to marketers, once an effective website is built by a premier website design company in India.

What Google Analytics offers

Google Analytics comes up with a powerful set of tools that helps in comprehending what actually is happening within the website. Here is a brief on the different ways in which Google Analytics can be vital for a business. Look at these solid reasons why you should use this potential tool for your business.

Benefits for executives

With the help of this statistical tool, executives are able to:

  • Understand as well as identify the marketing initiatives that would drive their business success to the maximum extent
  • Have an idea of the precise trends and patterns of web traffic
  • Get a top down view explaining the different areas the website traffic is arriving from
  • Understand the most important customer segments
  • Make quick and smart decisions regarding strategic initiatives, based on hard data
  • Understand the geographical areas that would render maximum productivity
  • Design website strategies to improve the conversion rate.

Benefits for marketing people

Marketing people can use this tool to:

  • Identify the regions from where visitors come and also the words or phrases they type to arrive at your site
  • Comprehend the actions taken by visitors after they land on the site
  • Devise ways in which an increasing number of visitors can be converted to customers
  • Identify the keywords that click with prospects and result in successful conversions
  • Identify through A/B testing the most effective online advertisement
  • Work out ways in which more leads of better quality can be developed
  • Track the number of visitors who indulge in and complete a particular action, such as lead inquiry, purchase, call, and so on

Benefits for web developers and content writers

By using this tool, content writers and web developers can understand:

  • The pages which are successful in retaining visitors for a long time
  • The type of topics or content that should be focused on
  • The search terms which people generally use to arrive at the site
  • The exact page at which people are going out of, leaving or abandoning the site
  • Ways in which the landing page (content or design) could be enhanced
  • Means through which people can be made to stay on the website for a longer period of time.

These are the basic ways in which Google Analytics can help you out, and the main reasons why you should go for this tool. There are in fact a plethora of questions that the statistical tool can answer and assist you in designing an effective website, enhancing your online marketing strategy and on the whole, take every effort to newer heights, because it is obvious that greater insight can pave the way for greater control.

So, have you installed Google Analytics? Is your web traffic being monitored for better results? If not, it is high time you go for Google Analytics installation and start keeping a track of your traffic and analyze the same for better results.