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Ecommerce has become one of the modern trends of business and this is growing rapidly as the internet penetrates each and every corner of the world. This is nothing but a virtual marketplace where buyers and sellers can buy or sell their product to the target customers. This trend provides lots of comfort to the customers as they can choose from various brands and place their order from home. Now as the ecommerce industry experiences growth, a significant change is noticed in the shopping habits of the people.

With the help of shopping cart development techniques, e-stores are crafted to put on display a huge range of products making it easier for the users to take their buying decisions. Since everything is clearly demonstrated, the shopper can seamlessly select the choicest goods on the basis of the utilities and physical specifications. In the absence of a digital shopping cart, it is not possible for an ecommerce website to manage a great user turnout. When a well-built shopping cart is there, an online business can build more traffic and revenue as well as ensure utmost customer delight.

Here is a snapshot of the major advantages that the shopping cart brings to your ecommerce business.

Benefits for businesses

  • Through shopping cart development, business owners can maintain a clear-cut record of the transactions that are done by customers. This does away with any kind of confusion.
  • With the help of a shopping cart, customers can be conveniently managed during busy hours. Otherwise, the main purpose of ensuring hassle-free service for customers would have become meaningless.
  • It enhances the functionality of a website, and also brings in a host of beneficial features including inventory tracking, back-end tracking, wish list and coupons.
  • Through shopping cart integration, the web portal becomes more flexible, which is a key to attract customers.
  • With a digital cart, it is extremely convenient to process and track a number of orders. The best thing is that there are no repetitions, which customers generally hate.

Benefits for customers

  • With the presence of a shopping cart, the payment process becomes quite hassle-free, since the cart acts as a facilitator connecting the main website to the payment gateways. It also guides the online shoppers towards a range of facilities.
  • An effectively built ecommerce website with a cart successfully fulfills the requirements of the shoppers, thereby enhancing usability and ranging in search results.
  • If an e-store has a digital cart, the user experience is further enhanced driving customers to return to the website.
  • Making payments becomes very convenient for shoppers as they do not need to make separate payments for each and every product. Rather they can just determine the total amount payable and make a one-time payment.

Now, you must have understood why ecommerce is regarded as a brilliant side effect of technological innovation. The main thing about shopping cart development is the comfort factor, both for the business owner and the customer. The way it boosts online business and spearheads growth is simply notable.

A number of organizations are currently looking forward to hire dedicate designer to strengthen their web presence. A professional designer must know all the nuances of web design to live up to the expectations and demands of clients. Here are some of the crucial fundamentals that every designer, both veteran and aspiring, needs to incorporate to make it big in the web world.

Be well-versed with the complete design process

To some extent web design also incorporates graphic design, since there is a close similarity between these two schools. Therefore, it would be great if a designer can grasp some of the minimum basics of the graphic design process. The fundamentals include the following:

  • Color: It is at the core of web development since it goes a long way in establishing the motif and theme of an attractive design. Moreover, color has a psychological effect and influences the user-experience to a considerable extent.
  • Flow: This indicates the physical movement of the website visitor and includes the appropriate use of lines, shapes, hierarchy, color and depth. Facial direction, spacing and perspective constitute the flow tools.
  • Proportion and balance: In other words, this implies equilibrium and stability. You can obtain proportion both symmetrically and asymmetrically.
  • Spacing: This simply means the distance between any two elements on the website. Every site which renders an awesome user experience is well-spaced. Usually, the space should ensure optimum readability and also allow the elements to breathe.

Know HTML very well

Knowledge of HTML implies proficiency in coding. A designer who wants to be an all-rounder must know the fundamentals of HTML, since it constitutes the most vital framework of all web pages. With this knowledge, the designer will have the capability to carry out his work with more attention to usability and purpose. In fact, with the knowledge of basic coding, demo sites can be created and it would be easier to sell your services as a designer.

Understand how to create captivating copy

Sometimes when companies hire a dedicated designer, the responsibility of copy creation also comes along. If you are not teaming up with copywriters it would be good to inculcate at least the minimum idea of copywriting. Remember, a designer adept at copywriting is a boon for clients. Apart from rendering services to clients, copywriting as a skill also comes in very handy when you want to promote your own services.

Focus on continual learning

There is always arrival of new trends in the field of web design. Therefore, in order to keep your skills updated and impress clients with your work, you need to focus on continual learning and enhancement of your skills

Inculcate some business skills

When you are working as a web designer, the product that is on sale is your web design skill. You must adopt some business tactics to sell your product and also retain clients. If you have knowledge regarding managing a business, you would be able to handle projects and clients with much more confidence.

Be a good listener

Since you are handling client projects, you need to work according to what they want and how they would like the final website to be. So, it really pays off if you are a good listener and can catch all the points that the client conveys to you. It is true that you would not succeed as a web designer if you are unable to listen to your customers or are reluctant to lend an ear to what they have to say. By listening to your client’s requirements and implementing them accordingly, you can get your job more than half done.

If you want detailed reports regarding your website visits, then Google Analytics is the best option. This popularly utilized website statistics solution can effectively provide different valuable insight to marketers, once an effective website is built by a premier website design company in India.

What Google Analytics offers

Google Analytics comes up with a powerful set of tools that helps in comprehending what actually is happening within the website. Here is a brief on the different ways in which Google Analytics can be vital for a business. Look at these solid reasons why you should use this potential tool for your business.

Benefits for executives

With the help of this statistical tool, executives are able to:

  • Understand as well as identify the marketing initiatives that would drive their business success to the maximum extent
  • Have an idea of the precise trends and patterns of web traffic
  • Get a top down view explaining the different areas the website traffic is arriving from
  • Understand the most important customer segments
  • Make quick and smart decisions regarding strategic initiatives, based on hard data
  • Understand the geographical areas that would render maximum productivity
  • Design website strategies to improve the conversion rate.

Benefits for marketing people

Marketing people can use this tool to:

  • Identify the regions from where visitors come and also the words or phrases they type to arrive at your site
  • Comprehend the actions taken by visitors after they land on the site
  • Devise ways in which an increasing number of visitors can be converted to customers
  • Identify the keywords that click with prospects and result in successful conversions
  • Identify through A/B testing the most effective online advertisement
  • Work out ways in which more leads of better quality can be developed
  • Track the number of visitors who indulge in and complete a particular action, such as lead inquiry, purchase, call, and so on

Benefits for web developers and content writers

By using this tool, content writers and web developers can understand:

  • The pages which are successful in retaining visitors for a long time
  • The type of topics or content that should be focused on
  • The search terms which people generally use to arrive at the site
  • The exact page at which people are going out of, leaving or abandoning the site
  • Ways in which the landing page (content or design) could be enhanced
  • Means through which people can be made to stay on the website for a longer period of time.

These are the basic ways in which Google Analytics can help you out, and the main reasons why you should go for this tool. There are in fact a plethora of questions that the statistical tool can answer and assist you in designing an effective website, enhancing your online marketing strategy and on the whole, take every effort to newer heights, because it is obvious that greater insight can pave the way for greater control.

So, have you installed Google Analytics? Is your web traffic being monitored for better results? If not, it is high time you go for Google Analytics installation and start keeping a track of your traffic and analyze the same for better results.

Consider that you have a shopping cart wherein a guest involves (or does not involve) in purchases, and then simply leaves. You do not even know when the check out is being made. This is not at all a good thing for your business. Guest checkout is imperative and here are some solid reasons to let you know why.

Time, time, precious time

Many buyers are wary of registration because they consider it synonymous to signing up for marketing spam and such other stuff. There is no problem in telling them that registration makes repeat shopping hassle-free, as they do not need to fill in the billing and shipping address again and again.

Time is probably the prime reason why customers love a guest checkout and do not consider it as spam. Customers who are game for value creation through time saving would be more prone to choose the guest checkout process.

Moreover, opting for the guest checkout process decreases the loading time, which is again very significant for customers who genuinely want to buy.

Safety does matter

As buyers advance towards the checkout process, retailers usually come up with three ways of completion of the purchase. The first is to use the email address and password previously generated for logging in. Secondly, checkout can be done without registration. The final route is that buyers would opt for registration and then checkout.

It goes without saying that the majority of shoppers would go for checkout without registration, because they feel safe when information is not shared. Buyers know that if they opt for guest checkout, retailer or other third parties for that matter would not be annoying them.

Decreased abandonment, more business

When the option of guest checkout exists in the shopping cart, creating an account is not necessary. This very aspect of not requiring creation of an account brings down the rate of abandonment. Many a time, people are reluctant to share information and feel themselves secure when they use guest checkout. Again with guest checkouts, customers or prospects who are in a hurry probably would not abandon shopping carts.

A Britain based beauty and fashion online store,, succeeded in bringing down its rate of abandonment by around 50% at the page for registration. This was achieved simply through removal of any prompt for creation of an account.

Shorter purchase procedure

Freedom of choice is important and you must give it to your visitors. It is your visitors who should decide whether or not to go for registration. Making registration mandatory might lead to poor business since many would hesitate at the idea of sharing private information with a site, especially one which is unfamiliar. Moreover, at times, filling monotonous forms leads to frustration and the end result is abandonment.

You can always shorten the buying process by allowing your visitor or shopper to complete the transaction as a guest, which will ultimately lead to what you want, that is, a higher conversion rate. Baymard statistics revealed that 24% of ecommerce clients opted for shopping cart abandonment, when registration was made mandatory for purchase. Keep this in mind as you hire a shopping cart development company in India.

Get ready to face the reality!! Yes HTML5 is the talk of the hour in the entire device-centric world. Time is not far away when it would make a clean sweep in the app development domain. Ok, so before the hard core XHTML users jump into the battlefield with their arguments of non compatibility of HTML5 in the popular IE, let’s see how the pros of HTML5 dominates its cons.

The web world is flooding with the articles stating the use of HTML5. There are numerous articles highlighting the use of HTML5 by the cyber world giants like ADOBE and APPLE in their recent APP development projects. But there still lies a thin air of mysticism surrounding HTML5 making the developers hesitant in choosing it as a platform. This article attempts to eradicate all the confusions and explain in clear terms the reason why HTML5 is a great choice in app development.

Below are the major reasons behind the success of HTML5 in application developing world:

  • User-friendliness: All of the latest components of HTML5 aim at making the documentation more accessible for users. HTML5 provides tags like <header><footer><nav><section> to customize the documentation in a user-friendly manner. Tags like <div> can differentiate between content to be placed in header part or body part just by its ID or class name. Hence by the usage of HTML5 special tags, the semantics of your web page documentation becomes more legible. Another important feature added by W3Consortium is ARIA. ARIA accomplishes the task of assigning roles to elements of HTML document like header, footer with the help of role attributes. This feature was absent in the earlier version of the same.
  • Audio-video tags: Yes you read it right. The brand new <audio><video> tag is brought to you by our own HTML5. Instead of using the lengthy coding inside the <embed> and <object> tags to include any audio video content in your HTML webpage, you can simply make use of the <audio><video> tags which are devoid of any complicated coding. HTML5 treats these tags like <img> tag providing the attributes of width, height side by side. Getting it straight, your code would look like: <video src=”url” width=”640px” height=”380px” autoplay/>
  • Inclusion of DOCTYPE tag: Use the simplified <! DOCTYPE html> tag instead of clumsy and lengthy version of the earlier code for the same. This feature excels in compatibility with all the browsers.
  • Clean and precise code: HTML5 helps in making coding neat and clean. With the introduction of semantics, we can clearly define different sections of the document in easy-to-understand language. The tags like <header><footer><nav><section><aside> helps in naming the different segments of the coding which results in organized implementation of CSS on the various segments.
  • Local Storage: If you are looking for developing apps without the usage of third-party plugins, HTML5 is your answer. In case your app demands storing the user’s data along with the prior application state of your app, then by using the all new local storage feature of HTML5, you can easily accomplish your task. The local storage feature lays mid way of cookies and client side database. It dominates over cookies by providing the specialized feature of storing across various windows. Additionally, it allows storage of data in user’s browser even after it is closed, thus improving security and performance. It also contains the facility of client side database, so deletion of cookies by users will produce no sound effect.
  • Interactive Interface: When the whole game is about increasing the dynamic nature of the website and continually updating it with the user entered information, just take a ride of the interactive interface presented by HTML5. For instance, by the usage of HTML5 featured <canvas> tag, explore all the interactive and animated potential. There is a bundle of APIs which comes under the package of HTML5 which would help in enhancing the dynamism of webpage. Offline storage database, Document editing, efficient browser management, Drag and drop feature, are some of them.
  • Gaming apps: With the inclusion of <canvas> tags, HTML presents a very user friendly environment for gaming app development.
  • Cross-Browser Support: HTML5 brings you the opportunity of building cross-platform and cross-browser supporting apps. The components added by HTML5 are well supported by every known browser.

These are the topmost reasons behind the assured success of HTML5 in the app development world. So if you are into the app development field, it is better if you get acquainted with quick and easy-to-understand HTML5 because the main point is that HTML5 is soon going to conquer the app development world.

Today the whole game of internet circulates round the goal of increasing the SEO count with the ultimate aim of increasing Google rank of the owner’s website. So in this never-ending race of enhancing Google rank, the website holder should leave no stone unturned in implementing any SEO increasing tool. One of such tool, which is creating a lot of buzz these days is creating responsive web page. So what is it all about? Is responsive web design a benefit for SEO? This article tries to evaluate the pros and cons of creating responsive web pages.

In a nutshell, responsive web design is a way to create device-independent web page. In simple terms, this SEO enhancement tool attempts at making a single version of site which opens seamlessly in all devices, be it PC, mobile or tablet. Generally, mobile version of websites cuts shorts the content which is otherwise available on PC version of the same. Responsive web design acts as a remedy to the aforementioned unwanted situation. No matter, whichever device the visitor uses, he would be able to see the same content in a legible way. So, how it is connected to SEO? Let’s find it out.


  • GOOGLE RECOMMENDED TOOL: What else could be the topmost favorable point of opting for responsive websites when our very own web site rank assessor Google recommends it? Google acclaims the importance of responsive web design in increasing the SEO count. It has even coined the term ‘industry best practice’ for it. Furthermore, it approves responsive web design as its standard mobile configuration. The reason behind its Google recommendation is that, if the content of a website resides at one place with a single URL, it becomes a straightforward task for Google to share the site with users, as against the usage of separate mobile site.
  • USABILITY: Each time user opens any website and then returns immediately to search-engine page, Google counts it as a negative point while calculating rank. Consider a case when your website sports a different mobile version of the site which contains limited content with respect to the desktop version. Now if a user regularly uses the desktop version and one day he tries to open the site on his Smartphone, and he doesn’t get the expected content in the regular desktop view, then he returns back to homepage. The consequences of this situation would be fall in SEO count. Hence using a separate mobile version could have negative effect on your website rank.
  • OPTIMIZING MOBILE SEARCH: If you utilize responsive web design to create your website, it will also rank equally to that of mobile specific site in mobile searches also.
  • SIMPLIFIED MANAGEMENT: A website designer must be very well aware of the fact that the SEO strategy and campaigns works in different way for PCs and mobiles. As there are mobile specific keywords, so the SEO count works accordingly. Therefore, if we have separate versions of the same site, we need to hire device specific SEO writers or analysts. Additionally, it increases the overheads in management sector. With the usage of responsive web design, management and maintenance of SEO gets simplified as you have a unified site which runs identically in all devices.


  • TIME REQUIRED FOR ADAPTATION: It will definitely require additional time to adapt to your existing site to responsive web design. But in the longer run, it would save time when it comes to management.
  • VIEW OF LARGE PAGES: Since responsive web design showcases the exact content of PC version in mobiles, so pages with enormous content may not have a very user-friendly view on mobile phones. So in some cases it may count low when it comes to mobile user interface.

By analyzing both the pros and cons, we find the positive factors of responsive web design overshadowing its demerits. Moreover, the tagline of ‘Google Recommended’ is enough for responsive web design to make a clean sweep in the field of SEO incremental tool.

The goal of any business should be to get on the front page when it comes to Google search results but the only want to do that is to ensure that you are working with a trust SEO service. Google search engine optimization services will utilise a number of methods to ensure that you are getting the most out of your internet marketing plan. How do they do it? Read on for more information:

They Keep Up with Google’s Changes

Google is constantly changing their algorithms when it comes to how they rank websites and the only way that you can really be sure that your site is one of the top ten is to be sure that you are keeping up with the changes. As a small business owner, this is almost impossible with everything else you need to do, so it will always be in your best interest to hire someone to do this for you. This is a great investment into your business and something that will pay you back again and again.

They Will Choose the Right Keywords

Do you know what keywords can be used to get your website to the top? If you don’t, again, you probably won’t have a lot of luck when it comes to getting you site to rank high on your own. A professional, however, will know exactly which keywords will work and will use those keywords with success, even when they might not seem like they will bring in a lot of traffic.

Are you looking for a great search engine optimization company? If so, you are making a great choice as these companies can greatly improve the way your company is seen on the internet…and that will bring you great benefits, including profits. In order to find the best search engine optimization company for your needs, keep the following in mind:

Choose a Company that is Honest

It is very important, when looking for a good SEO company, that you choose one that is totally honest with you about what they can offer and what your expectations can be. Any company that makes promises that seem too good to be true, is probably not one that you can trust. Things that are too good to be true, usually are not true at all.

Work with a Company that is Affordable

You will also want to make sure that you are only working with a company that is affordable. You want to be sure that you are sticking to your budget and in most cases, there is no reason why you won’t be able to.

Only Choose an Experienced Company

Finally, you will want to make sure that you are only working with an experienced company when it comes to finding the right SEO Company for you. Ideally, you should only work with a business that has been in the SEO game for 10 years or more. Otherwise, you can’t be sure that they are really going to give you the results you are seeking.

When you need SEO services for your company, you have two choices: you can choose a company that may not be located near you, or you can choose a local company. You may find that there are certain benefits that a local company can offer, however, that companies located far away simply can’t. Here are a few ways that local search engine optimization services may be able to help your business:

They Offer a Higher Level of Brand Visibility

One way that you will find that a local SEO company can help is when it comes to brand visibility. As a local company, they will know that local visibility for your brand is extremely important and because they are also local, they can typically do a better job that other companies who may have no knowledge of the area you are in. This can certainly be a benefit to you.

They Offer User Friendly Navigation

Another thing that a local company can bring that you likely won’t find with a non-local SEO company is that they can offer user friendly navigation that is purposefully focused on a local audience. Again, because other SEO companies are not familiar with the local scene, they won’t be able to replicate this.

They Know the People you are Focused On

Finally, you will find that these local companies can better focus on the people you are looking for as potential customers because they are those people! As members of the local community themselves, they know the people you are focused on, best.

If you are the owner of a small business, you might not realise how important it is to have SEO, or search engine optimisation, for your website, especially if you want your business to be a success. With proper SEO, you will see your small business website shooting to the top of search engine results, like Google, when certain search terms are used. In order to get this success, however, you need to use an SEO company. There are the top 3 things to look for when seeking out the best SEO companies for small business:

1 – A Company That Understands Your Requirements

You will want to make sure that you are choosing a company that knows what you need and knows what you want. At the same time, you need to understand that these SEO companies are experts, so they will often know what works and what doesn’t.

2 – A Company That Has a Strategy Specifically for Small Businesses

The needs of small businesses are a bit different than those of other type of companies, so make sure you are only working with a company that has a strategy that is focused on small businesses.

3 – A Company That Has a High Level of Customer Service

Finally, you will want to make sure that the SEO Company you choose has a high level of customer service. This is important as you want to make sure that you are treated in a way that is respectful and that you are taken seriously.